Zales has some insane clearance deals (60% off) and other big discounts on G-Shock watches

(Zales shipping is available to USA, USA territories, and USA military addresses.)

G-Shock GG-B100-1B Black Out Mudmaster

The Mudmaster GGB100-1B is available right now for $152 (60% off), which is an insane price for a new G-Shock GG-B100 from an authorized retailer. This is the model that Denzel Washington has been wearing recently. Mudmaster GGB100-1B at (out of stock)

The following models are also heavily discounted.

G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A3 with Twin Sensor

Mudmaster GG1000-1A3 for $140 (60% off), with olive green band, Twin Sensor (compass and thermometer), and positive LCD display. GG1000-1A3 at (out of stock)

G-Shock GM-2100CB-1A

For the GM2100CB-1A with stainless steel bezel and cloth band, you can get an additional 20% off ($32.20) the already discounted (30% off) price of $161, for a total price of $128.80 before tax. GM2100CB-1A at

G-Shock G-STEEL GST-S100G-1B

G-STEEL GSTS100G-1B for $150 (50% off), with Tough Solar power. GSTS100G-1B at

G-Shock GW-9400-1 Rangeman

Rangeman GW9400-1 for $132 (60% off). GW9400-1 at (out of stock)

There are also other G-Shock models that are discounted from 30% to 40% off. You can see all Casio models and sort by discount at

Update: Many of these deals have reappeared at Zales several times after selling out.


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