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G-Shock Creator Kikuo Ibe Interview Video by Revolution Watch

Singapore-based watch magazine and website Revolution published an exclusive interview with G-Shock creator Kikuo Ibe on the Revolution Watch YouTube channel. Revolution founder Wei Koh and Ibe discuss a variety of topics: the first color G-Shock, the DW-001 “Jason,” the first collaboration, the evolution into streetwear and luxury fashion, the MR-G series, CMF (color, material, finish), and more. This is a rare chance to see an interview with Kikuo Ibe conducted in English, and it contains some information that is not commonly discussed.

(One correction: The first color G-Shock came in 1987 and not 1992, although the 1987 model DW-5600C-9BV does not appear on the G-Shock Japan website or in the G-Shock Perfect Bible publications. The 1992 model DW-5600C-9B was a limited edition based on the original 1987 model. In the interview, Ibe states that the yellow color was requested by “U.S. Casio.” The 1987 model appears on the archive site shockbase.org and this list of early G-Shock models. In October, G-Shock is releasing the DW-5600REC-9 and DWE-5600R-9 box set in tribute to the original yellow G-Shock.)

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