G-Shock GW-6900-1 update could be coming soon

G-Shock GW-6900-1 Display

Update: The GW-6900-1JF is back in stock at Casio Japan.

The G-Shock GW-6900-1JF is sold out at Casio Japan (casio.com/jp), and when we’ve seen this with older JDM models recently, it usually means that they are not being restocked and are on the way to being discontinued. It’s very likely that a new GW-6900U model with the LED backlight will replace the GW-6900-1 with EL backlight soon, like we’ve seen with the GW-M5610U-1 and DW-6900U models. Also, the limited edition GW-6904K-7JR is expected to be released in June as part of an I.C.E.R.C. collaboration series, and we expect this model to have an updated module with the LED backlight. It seems likely that the GW-6900-1 will get a replacement this year, but at this point it’s not known exactly when.

GW-6900-1JF at casio.com/jp

In the U.S., the GW6900-1 is still available at casio.com/us and regularly discounted at Amazon.com.


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