G-Shock MTG-B3000SQN751 and GG-B100SQN751 box sets commemorate the 45th Anniversary of Esquadra 751

Esquadra 751 x G-Shock MTG-B3000SQN751 and GG-B100SQN751 Box Sets commemorate the 45th Anniversary of Portugal's famed Air Force unit

The G-Shock MTG-B3000SQN751-1AER and GG-B100SQN751-1AER are box sets made in collaboration with the Portugal Air Force’s famed search and rescue unit Esquadra 751, to commemorate the squadron’s 45th Anniversary. The squadron was founded in 1978 with four SA 330 Puma helicopters, and it has saved more than 3,455 lives (as of 2015). The squadron also provides tactical support for military missions.

Both sets include special 45th Anniversary patches (in the shape of a watch) and a wooden case adorned with the Esquadra 751 logo and its motto “Para que outros vivam” (So others may live). Each box set is limited to 45 units.

Esquadra 751 x G-Shock Box Sets for 45th Anniversary

The G-Shock MTG-B3000SQN751-1AER includes an MTG-B3000D-1A watch with a stainless steel band and a swappable black resin band with a “SQN751 Since 1978” yellow printing. This box set has a price of 1,249 euros.

The G-Shock GG-B100SQN751-1AER includes a Mudmaster GG-B100Y-1A with the same commemorative printing on the black resin band.

Similar box sets (GPR-B1000SQN751-1 and GPW-2000SQN741-1A) were released for Esquadra 751’s 40th Anniversary.

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