GMW-B5000GD-4 & AWM-500GD-4A: Full Metal Rose Gold IP

G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-4 & AWM-500GD-4A: Full Metal Rose Gold IP, Rose Gold Ingot

Update: It turns out that the G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-4 is part of the Rose Gold Ingot series that also includes the AWM-500GD-4A. The AWM-500GD-4AJF (68,000 JPY plus tax) will also be released in March 2021 in Japan. The AWM-500GD-4A is the fourth (non-limited) AWM-500 model, which is inspired by the first G-Shock with an analog display from 1989. Like the GMW-B5000GD-4, it features a stainless steel screw-back case with a DLC-coated case back and a stainless steel bezel and band.

Update: According to Casio Japan, the GMW-B5000GD-4JF has been discontinued and is no longer in production.

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Expected in March, the G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-4 will be the second full metal GMW-B5000 model for 2021 (after the burgundy red GMW-B5000RD-4) and will feature an ion plated rose gold color treatment on the stainless case and band. The GMW-B5000GD-4 also has a positive (non-inverted) STN LCD display. Like other full metal models, the screw-back case has a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating.

The GMW-B5000 series offers the most advanced module for a 5000 series “square” G-Shock and includes Tough Solar power, Multi-Band 6 automatic radio timekeeping, and Bluetooth smartphone link. Some unique features of the GMW-B5000 include the ability to change the language for the day of the week display, date format in MM-DD or DD-MM, time and place log (when connected to a smartphone), and a reminder function with up to five reminders. The GMW-B5000GD-4 is also fully shock-resistant and water-resistant to 200 meters.

The GMW-B5000GD-4 is expected to have a list price of $600 in the U.S and 550 euros in some European countries.

Update: The GMW-B5000GD-4 and AWM-500GD-4A were also announced for the Asia region in March 2021. G-Shock U.K. has the GMW-B5000GD-4ER and AWM-500GD-4AER listed as coming soon for £499 each. G-Shock U.S. is releasing the GMWB5000GD-4 with a list price of $600, as well as the AWM500GD-4A with a list price of $550.

For a smaller metal-covered rose gold model for women, see the G-Shock GM-S5600PG-1.

G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-4:

G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-4

G-Shock GMW-B5000GD-4 Rose Gold IP and Positive STN LCD Display

GMW-B5000GD-4 Promo Video:

G-Shock AWM-500GD-4A:

G-Shock AWM-500GD-4A

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