All-New Casio G-Shock Models Released In 2020

It’s been another interesting and rewarding year for G-Shock fans, with many all-new models to choose from. Following these new releases was definitely a bright spot for us in a difficult 2020.

Here are the new G-Shock base models that made their debut in 2020.

The GMD-B800 is the all-digital counterpart to the analog-digital GMA-B800, both of which are smaller S Series versions of the GBD-800 and GBA-800. These fitness watches are equipped with a step counter and Bluetooth mobile link.

G-Shock G-SQUAD GMD-B800SU Pastel S Series GMD-B800SU-3 GMD-B800SU-4 GMD-B800SU-8 Green Pink Gray

G-Shock’s sister brand Baby-G released the G-MS MSG-S500, a more compact watch with a traditional full analog style and solar power. (G-MS watches are sold under G-Shock in the U.S.)

G-Shock / Baby-G G-MS White and Rose Gold MSGS500G-2A and Blue and Gold MSG-S500G-7A2

Though it’s just a cosmetic upgrade, the DW-5610 features a dual molded bezel that offers different color combinations in a new and attractive style.

G-Shock DW-5610SU DW-5610SUS Utility Colors

The same goes for the GA-2110. (Heads up: The new and upcoming GA-2110ET Earth Tone models will be very popular and will most likely sell out.)

G-Shock GA-2110: GA-2100SU-1A GA-2100SU-3A GA-2100SU-9A

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic DW-6900, the 6900 line got the metalized stainless steel treatment with the GM-6900 series.

G-Shock GM-6900 Series with Metal Forged Bezel

The GBD-H1000 signaled a new direction for G-Shock watches. It is a full-featured training watch for runners, featuring an optical heart rate monitor, Triple Sensor (pressure: altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer), step counter, GPS, Bluetooth, vibration alerts, and solar charging. It is also one of the few G-Shock watches with GPS timekeeping.

G-Shock G-SQUAD GBD-H1000: black GBD-H1000-1 GBD-H1000-1A7 GBD-H1000-4 GBD-H1000-8

The more affordable GBD-100 shares much of the same technology as the GBD-H1000, such as the high-contrast MIP LCD display, step counter, and Bluetooth, but without the solar power (or rechargeable battery), heart rate monitor, and Triple Sensor.

The first MRG-B2000 was launched as the MRG-B2000SH-5A Shougeki-Maru Edition, inspired by a custom made samurai helmet and featuring a titanium case with a deep-hardening treatment and AIP (arc ion plating). This luxury G-Shock watch can be yours for the tidy sum of $8,000.

G-Shock MRG-B2000SH Shougeki-Maru

The GST-B300 returns to a more rugged style and is the first G-STEEL model with a front light button.

G-Shock G-STEEL GST-B300: GST-B300-1A GST-B300S-1A GST-B300SD-1A

The long-running Frogman diving line got a major overhaul with a full analog display and carbon monocoque case in the GWF-A1000.

G-Shock Frogman GWF-A1000: GWF-A1000-1A GWF-A1000-1A2 GWF-A1000-1A4 First Analog Frogman

The G-LIDE GBX-100 offers a versatile MIP LCD display, advanced tide graphs and moon data, step counter, vibration alerts, and Bluetooth smartphone link. All this in squarish case with a front light button.


The GA-900 offers a new ultra-rugged industrial style and the best battery life (approximately 7 years) for a non-solar analog-digital G-Shock watch.

G-Shock GA-900 GA-900-1A GA-900-1AJF

The bestselling GA-110 series also got the metal treatment with the GM-110 series.

G-SHOCK GM-110 Metal Stainless Steel Bezel: GM-110-1A GM-110B-1A GM-110G-1A9

The GR-B200 is a new Gravitymaster aviation model, featuring a Quad Sensor (Triple Sensor plus step counter), carbon fiber bezel, and Bluetooth.

G-Shock GR-B200 Gravitymaster has a Quad Sensor and Carbon Core Guard

The MTG-B2000 with Triple G Resist features a 12-sided bezel, carbon monocoque case, and a more metallic exterior compared to previous MT-G models. At around $1,000, it is a luxury G-Shock within reach.


The AWM-500 series in a full metal stainless steel screw-back version of the first G-Shock with an analog or analog-digital display (AW-500, which also got its own revival in Asia this year). Unlike the original, the AWM-500 has Tough Solar power and Multi-Band 6 timekeeping. The AWM-500 series was released in November 2020 in Asia, and two of the debut models are expected to be released in the U.S. soon.

AW-500 and AWM-500 Video

For more major releases from 2020 (including new color series) that are widely available, see our “Featured” Category.


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